JensBee starred r10s/messenger-android


messenger-android - Android frontend for the project that aims to create an e-mail compatible messenger.
22.8% danish, 21.4% norwegian, 20.5% french

JensBee starred splitbrain/dokuwiki


dokuwiki - The DokuWiki Open Source Wiki Engine
20.2% french, 17.6% italian, 17.1% german

JensBee opened issue splitbrain/dokuwiki#1811

XML-RPC: wiki.listLinks - relative links not resolved in complete URL · Issue #1811 · splitbrain/dokuwiki

using the wiki.listLinks (experimental) XML-RPC function relative links (e.g. .current:other:target) are not resolved.
In a page (a_namespace:first_page) linking from /wiki/a_namespace/first_pa...
16.1% french, 15.5% portuguese, 15.4% spanish

JensBee forked selfthinker/dokuwiki_plugin_wrap to JensBee/dokuwiki_plugin_wrap


dokuwiki_plugin_wrap - Wrap Plugin for DokuWiki: Universal plugin which combines functionalities of many other plugins. Wrap wiki text inside containers (divs or spans) and give them a class (choos...
18.1% french, 17.1% danish, 16.6% italian

JensBee starred sdelements/lets-chat


lets-chat - Self-hosted chat app for small teams
20.5% norwegian, 19.4% french, 18.3% danish

JensBee starred humhub/humhub-modules-wiki


Contribute to humhub-modules-wiki development by creating an account on GitHub.
17.2% french, 16.7% danish, 16.5% portuguese

JensBee starred humhub/humhub


humhub - HumHub - Open Source Social Network
17.1% italian, 16.6% french, 16.3% slovak

JensBee starred AnySoftKeyboard/AnySoftKeyboard


AnySoftKeyboard - Android (f/w 1.5+) on screen keyboard for multiple languages
18.5% norwegian, 17.8% danish, 16.3% german

JensBee starred seizonsenryaku/HayaiLauncher


HayaiLauncher - Lightweight Android launcher
19.4% norwegian, 17.8% danish, 17.3% german

JensBee starred ayyi/samplecat


samplecat - SampleCat is a a program for cataloguing and auditioning audio samples.
21.7% portuguese, 20.7% norwegian, 20.7% french

JensBee starred jonan/ForkHub


ForkHub - GitHub client for Android based on the abandoned official app
17.9% norwegian, 17.5% spanish, 17.2% danish

JensBee starred microg/android_packages_apps_GmsCore


android_packages_apps_GmsCore - Implementation of Play Services Core package
21.5% french, 17.9% italian, 17.8% spanish

JensBee starred scotthartbti/android_vendor_beanstalk


Contribute to android_vendor_beanstalk development by creating an account on GitHub.
18.1% danish, 17.5% norwegian, 15.8% swedish

JensBee starred jonasoreland/runnerup


runnerup - A open source run tracker
21.1% english, 20.4% norwegian, 20.3% french

JensBee starred NamPNQ/You-Dont-Need-Javascript


You-Dont-Need-Javascript - Css is powerful, you can do a lot of things without js.
24% english, 14.8% portuguese, 14.1% pidgin

JensBee starred JensBee/QueryClarity


QueryClarity - Project repository for my master-thesis. Framework for doing Clarity-Score calculations utilizing a Lucene document index.
25.1% english, 20.6% french, 20.6% portuguese

16.5% french, 15.5% swedish, 14.4% german

16.1% french, 16.1% swedish, 15.9% english